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G50 Concepts International is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm with a passion for excellence and deep commitment towards innovation with technical creativity. In the world where nearly almost everyone is upwardly mobile, with the believe in simplicity and easy accessibility, we are simply at the heart of the development.

G50 concepts International, is also a leading and constantly growing I.T. solution company managed by professionals who have had years of Information Technology experience. We are a Nigerian company with world class experts and experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions Delivery.

Our core area of expertise are in

  • Website design,
  • I.T Training
  • Database administration
  • Website management and maintenance and
  • Search engine optimisation.

We use the most current and up to date tools and technologies to develop solutions that meet industry standards and needs.

We  do provide cutting edge solutions with full functionality and at the same time simple, incorporating interactivity, animation and graphics, e-commerce solutions, high-end multimedia, database applications and social connectivity, not forgetting Domain registration and web hosting.  We also provide solutions simple enough for any class of end user(s) to relate with.